What is the effect of calcium powder on the quality of quartzite sheet?

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Quartzite is now unfamiliar to everyone. Quartz stone has become the first choice material for green building decoration stone. It belongs to artificial stone. It contains 93% of quartz sand which is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturers. However, at present, the quartzite market in China is chaotic, and the price of quartz stone is uneven, and even some bad businessmen are to improve their interests and use calcium powder instead of quartz sand content. Now someone should ask Xiaobian, what is the difference between adding calcium powder and adding calcium powder in plank?

As we all know, quartz quartzite quickly occupies the decorative stone market with many advantages such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and penetration resistance. But once calcium powder is added into the quartzite panel, the quality of the sheet will be greatly affected. The first effect is the hardness of the plate, the hardness of the quartzite plate is more than 6 moth hardness, and it is easy to be scraped for the six grade plate; moreover, the resistance to acid and alkali is reduced; and the high temperature resistance is reduced. If the contact between the plate and the high temperature object is easy to crack the sheet.
How to identify the calcium powder in the quartz plate? Actually, the way of identification is very simple. As we all know, calcium and acid will react with acids. However, using oxalic acid or toilet cleaner and vinegar can be dripped on the surface of the sheet. If there is a bubble, it will indicate calcium powder in the board. Before buying a lot of businesses will give us experiments, but after the purchase is also used to check, look at the back of the plate code, to ask the manufacturer's certificate of warranty and acid and alkali resistance experiment, to avoid the bad business in processing.

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