How can the quartzite industry develop smoothly after rapid development?

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The quartz stone, as green and environmental decoration stone, was born in Italy in 1984. The production technology is exclusive to Italy Baili Tong company. It was originally called Baili stone. It is a large scale plate made of more than 93% quartz crystal with 7% resin and trace elements under vacuum condition.
Quartz stone has entered China's stone decoration market since the end of 90s. So far, there are thousands of quartz quartzite manufacturers in China. China's quartzite factory has built up hundreds of factories with independent research and development since its initial imitation. And become a large exporter of artificial stone and quartz stone products, once again reflects the charm of Chinese manufacturing.

However, in the early stage, quartz stone was mainly imported in China, which not only led to high price of quartzite, but also could not acquire any technology. So far, there are 16 quartzite manufacturers in the world, which have been used in the production of stony equipment ($170 million for each production line of stony quartzite). Before 2010, the company banned the export of production equipment to our country, that is, a technical blockade of China. So, so far, our country has only one production line of Bai Litong equipment.
Therefore, China's quartzite road can only rely on its own exploration, development, after nearly ten years of unremitting efforts, China's quartzite equipment independent research and development capacity and production capacity has reached the international leading level. Now China's quartzite production and export volume is the first in the world. Later, the quartzite in China will be diversified to produce various categories to adapt to different fields of decorative materials.
However, the quality of China's quartzite quality has just begun, because before everyone was in their own experience in the groping, in order to rapidly develop many will choose the price to occupy the market. It's still a bad day for everyone. When the days are better, the quality is not always high. Everyone is busy making profits. If we have bad weather, everyone will do well.

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