Quartz stone and gang stone are die-casting artificial stones. What are the diff

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Stone has been used in architectural decoration in China for a long time. Because stone is easy to obtain at the early stage, and is durable, beautiful, gorgeous and noble, it has been widely used in architecture, and has been used so far. With the increasing awareness of natural environment protection and the control of the state, the supply of stone market is insufficient. The appearance of artificial stone products is well made up. At present, the artificial stone in the market is acrylic, quartz stone and granite. The most confusing thing is the quartz stone and the granite.

Quartzite is also known as synthetic stone and regenerated stone. As the filler of quartz in the sheet is up to 93%, quartz stone is called quartz stone. All of the quartzite production materials are used for environmental protection, so the quartz stone is also known as indoor green environmental decoration stone, and the price of quartz stone is higher than other stones.
Kong Shi is also called engineering stone. It is also a kind of artificial stone. Its appearance is very similar to artificial quartz stone. But the filling material of the granite is natural stone, that is, the stone material is used again, and it is applied to outdoor engineering decoration, and the price is cheaper.
The quartzite is made of 93% quartz and 7% resin die-casting, with a maximum hardness of 7 moth hardness, and the granite is made of marble powder (gravel) and resin die-casting, so the hardness is generally only 4-6 MW hardness. Quartzite can be reused, because the internal material of the quartzite is evenly distributed, so both the front and the reverse are basically the same, and the granite can not be reused, because its positive effect is specially made and can not be used once the damage is made. Moreover, quartz stones are cast in die-casting, and gang stones are cut after integral die casting.
Each product has its existence value, and their performance will be different, so they should choose according to their application fields and requirements.

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