The main reasons for the shortage of the current quartzite Market

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Quartz stone belongs to artificial stone products. Its scientific name: polymer composite material, also known as synthetic stone. Quartz is smooth, full of color and even granules. It is a perfect combination of natural beauty and high technology. Quartz rich color provides designers with more design inspiration and personalized decoration space.

However, with the increasing application of quartz stone market, the quartzite market has also become chaotic. Because some businesses have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters, using inferior raw materials and crude production equipment to produce, and compete at low prices. The price of quartzite has a big gap. The quartzite market is in a mess, and the quality is uneven.
However, after entering 2018, the quartz stone market has appeared a large number of shortage phenomenon, many quartz stone manufacturers even have no inventory, customer orders have been arranged to a month later. What caused the sudden shortage of quartzite market? Is the demand suddenly increased?
In fact, the reason is very simple. Because of the strict control of environmental protection, some small quartzite workshops were shut down directly, and the small manufacturers that did not have the permission of environmental protection production were shut down and rectified. In addition, we need to carry out safety checks this year, so the reasons for the shortage can be divided into two points. The first kind of small workshops and small factories were shut down and stopped for rectification, resulting in the shortage of goods or sales of goods. Second kinds of large brand manufacturers have to adjust the production plan, purchase raw materials and arrange production, which requires a production cycle in the face of an unexpected production plan.

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