Once a quartzite is cracked, is it really impossible to repair it

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Although quartz has abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, no radiation and so many advantages, but the quartz stone is a brittle polymer composite material, have certain characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, there is also a certain shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation and other mechanical properties, when the plate is unable to withstand internal stress and serious external the impact will be a burst of expansion and contraction.

The quartz stone burst after a lot of people will choose a direct replacement, because quartz stone high hardness processing itself is more difficult, not to mention the repair. But the price of quartzite is relatively high. If it is not mentioned in the warranty period, it can be directly required for the replacement of quartzite factory. If the shelf life is out of date, it is better to choose repair.
How to repair after the explosion of quartz stone? In order to prevent to crack, should first use circular holes in the fracture end; then use the angle to mill the crack open block 0.03mm is the best in the back plate; strip out grinding embedded cracks, or adding quartz powder in modulation of glue; the last is to transfer the prepared glue filled with cracks after curing, the glue to be polished, it is worth noting here is grinding should be used in high-speed mill polishing machine, the polishing pad mesh 300 mesh should be followed by the above 3000 items for the best.

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