Do you understand the quartz stone countertops in cabinets?

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Now most people choose to use quartz stone to make kitchen countertops. Because quartzite is not only rich in color, but also has a smooth, compact and porous surface. The water absorption of quartzite is incomparable with other materials. The water absorption of quartzite is only 0.02%, almost zero. So in daily life, there is no need to worry that the liquid used will permeate the board.

Quartz stone can become the preferred surface material for cabinet counter, not only because of its low water absorption, but also because it has wear resistance, scratch resistance and high temperature resistance. More importantly, it is non-toxic and radiation-free and can directly contact with food.
However, people who often go in and out of the kitchen will find that the biggest problem in the kitchen is the soot. Because every day cooking, every day is "heavy smoke". Inevitably, the table will feel sticky and covered with a layer of oil. In fact, the quartz stone table cleaning is relatively simple, with clean water can be cleaned. But people are always unsatisfied, so they choose to put a film on the table! Yes, you heard it correctly, just like to protect the mobile phone screen, put a protective film on the surface of the quartz table.
Speaking of this, Xiaobian really admires the imagination and creativity of our people. Does it mean that you don't have to take care of it after putting a film on it? Is it necessary to put a film on the quartz table?
Still don't post it! Because the surface of quartz stone is smooth, and the hardness is high, the kitchen iron can not cause damage to its surface. In addition, quartz stone manufacturers will be coated before the plate leaves the factory, the main reason is that in transportation and processing will not cause damage to the surface, will remind the removal of protective film before use. The last thing to say is that no matter sticking or not, it must be cleaned after use. And the film is easily scratched by knives and shovels, leading to bacterial growth.

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