Acceptance method of quartz stone table after installation

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With the wider application of quartzite, the market demand is also increasing, resulting in the confusion of the quartz stone market, the quality is more and worse, and the problems exposed are gradually obvious. If the quartz stone table has been installed for a period of time, there will be cracks or obvious cracks. The reason for such a situation is multifaceted. Therefore, installation and acceptance is crucial. Whether installation is in place is related to whether the cupboard is beautiful or not, and whether it is desirable to use it in the future.

Quartzite has become the pronoun of the cabinet counter. In many mesa materials, quartzite gradually occupies the whole market on its own excellent performance. The quartz stone is rich in color, smooth and dense without holes, and can be compared with natural marble. Quartz stone belongs to artificial stone. It can be used in large area without color difference, compared with natural stone and certain plasticity. With the continuous improvement of production capacity and technology of quartz quartzite in China, quartzite has been used more in the ground and interior walls.
Standard for acceptance of quartzite cabinets
1, color difference: the same type of color quartz stone, because of different factory time, there will be a certain degree of color difference phenomenon, we must pay attention to contrast view when we enter the table.
2. Flatness: once the table is installed, check the flatness again with a horizontal ruler.
3, joint: if the surface of the table is properly installed, the glue line of the seams can be clearly seen, or if the hand can feel the obvious cracks, the joints will certainly not be completed.
4, opening the hole: the surface of the tank and the position of the stove need to open the hole, the edge of the openings should be smooth and can't have the sawtooth shape; the four corners should make certain radians, not a simple right angle, and special reinforcement. It is best to avoid site openings.
5, back water: in order to prevent the flow of the table to the back of the cabinet, the table must be upturned to form a water retaining wall against the wall. It should be noted that this upturn must have a smooth upturn, rather than a right turn up, otherwise it will leave a dead corner that is difficult to clean.

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