How Quartz Quartz Differentiates Quality in Hardness

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The chemical composition of quartzite is silica, commonly known as silica. It is a hard and extremely refractory non-metallic mineral, usually more than 99.5%. Artificial stone slabs produced with quartz as the main raw material are called quartzite and synthetic stone. At present, through the rapid development of quartzite in China for nearly 20 years, quartzite has the characteristics of high hardness, pollution resistance, high temperature resistance and no radiation. Quartz stone is popular in the decoration industry nowadays.

Diamond has the highest hardness in natural minerals, quartz is second only to diamond, and quartz content in quartz is very high. Cutting tools used in kitchen will not cause damage to quartz. Quartz stone is a kind of compact and non-porous composite material. The acid and alkali used in the kitchen will not corrode quartzite. If the acid and alkali stick to quartzite and clean it with clean water, it can be effectively removed. After more than 30 complex polishing processes, quartzite will not be harmful to quartzite after a long period of use. People do not need to waste human resources, material and financial resources to maintain quartzite.
However, there are some hidden dangers in every high-speed development industry, such as uneven quality and price. How to choose a qualified product in the chaotic quartz market? Today, we teach you the simplest and easy to operate method. We all know that quartz stone is famous for its hardness. Its hardness can reach more than 5 Mohs hardness (national standard). Some quartz stone manufacturers have factory standards of more than 6 grades. So we can test on the pure hardness, rub two pieces with the brand quartz stone, high hardness will appear Mars, on the contrary will only appear powder.

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