Which is more important, the price or value of quartzite?

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, people are increasingly demanding for household decoration materials; kitchen decoration is an important part of household decoration. Kitchen decoration requires not only moisture-proof and durable for all materials, but also environmental protection, including the selection of cabinet countertops. The quality of countertops will directly affect the overall quality of kitchen decoration. Now although quartz stone has become the preferred surface material for tables, there are many brands of quartz stone on the market. The price of quartz stone of different brands varies greatly. Some quartz stones of the same color are priced at more than 200 yuan per kilometer, while others are priced at several thousand yuan per kilometer. What causes the price of quartz slab to be so different?

Like, it doesn't mean the same.
Quartz stone is synthesized from quartz crystal and resin, which is manufactured through more than 30 processes such as vacuum die-casting, heating and solidification, high-speed water milling and polishing. Many unhealthy traders on the market will use artificial granite as quartz stone. The appearance of granite is very similar to quartz stone, but its hardness is poor, it is easy to crack and deform; moreover, some small factories do not have professional operation process and equipment pressure. Low strength, low density and low hardness. The difference of hardness is one of the reasons for the price difference of sheet metal.
The "core" of quartzite is different
The raw material of quartz stone production is mainly quartz (silica is 99.7%). Before quartz stone production, quartz stone manufacturer has to select and remove impurities manually. All raw materials are non-toxic and non-radiation. The finished products have no harm to human body. They are safe and environmentally friendly. They have been listed as green decorative stone materials by the state. They are high in terms of product characteristics, environmental protection, health and use value. In general artificial stone and natural stone.
It's different. It's really different.
The main raw quartz materials can be divided into ordinary sand, refined sand and high-purity sand. Ordinary quartz sand has yellow skin envelope in appearance. The price is about 700 yuan/ton. Refined quartz sand is made from fine and high-quality ore by complex processing. The granularity range is 5-480 meshes and the price is about 1000 yuan/ton. High purity quartz sand: It is made of natural crystal stone and high quality natural stone. It is carefully selected and processed. The price is over 2000 yuan/ton.
At the same time, there are also differences in resins as binders. There are many types of resins, such as acrylic resins, which are many times higher than ordinary resins.
In summary, because of the differences in raw materials, the performance of machinery and equipment, pressure resulting in different physical properties such as quartz density, tensile strength and so on, the production costs of different countries will be different, this difference is reflected in the sales price.

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