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On the morning of April 17, "Limits of harmful substances in artificial stones for interior decoration materials" Association Standards Review Conference was held in Beijing. Shandong Kang Jieli Company attended the meeting as a representative of the participating units.

The expert group of this review meeting is composed of representatives of China Building Materials Federation, scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning and enterprises. The meeting unanimously adopted the Association Standard of Limitation of Hazardous Substances in Artificial Stones for Interior Decoration and Decoration Materials (for examination). This standard not only puts forward the detection value of volatile organic matter in high temperature environment, but also further improves the detection items and specifications of artificial stone and quartzite.
Shandong Kangjieli Company vigorously implements the standardization strategy and actively participates in the formulation of national standards, industry standards and association standards. Now it has formulated seven national and industry standards. Based on the reality of industrial development, the company uses standardization means to give full play to the supporting and leading role of technical standards in ensuring product quality and safety and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.

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