How to Maintain Quartz Stone to Keep Bright as New

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After the quartz table is installed, it is hoped that it will remain as bright as possible for as long as possible. Then we need to take good care of it and keep it like a new one. Over time, however, the location of objects that are frequently exposed to high temperatures is different from that of other parts of the light. Let's introduce some simple and easy-to-understand ways to make quartz tables shiny as before.

The most important thing is to often use detergents for scrubbing, although it is more dirty, but in daily life contaminated with oil is inevitable. After scrubbing the quartz stone surface with detergents, then applying the car wax or furniture wax at home to the surface of the quartz stone table, and then wiping it back and forth with dry cloth after drying, this is equivalent to adding a protective film to the quartz stone table. In the cleaning process, special attention should be paid to the place where the tabletop splices. Once there is a stain, it must be scrubbed in time, and wax the cracks.
Also pay attention to the daily details. For example, do not put some high-temperature objects directly on the quartz table, under the action of high temperature may cause some damage to the quartz table; do not hammer the quartz table or cut things on it, which will cause some damage to the table.
Although the surface of quartzite has a strong anti-damage ability, in order to ensure the normal use of quartzite mesa, it is still necessary to prevent it from contacting with some strong chemicals, such as paint remover, metal cleaner and so on. These types of articles have strong corrosion properties, which will destroy the surface of quartzite mesa to a certain extent. If you are accidentally contaminated with such articles, you must immediately wash the surface of quartzite with a large amount of soapy water. Pay more attention to these small details in daily life, quartz tables can be well maintained and cleaned, will always look bright as new, the service life will be extended accordingly.

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