It's hard to crack quartz tables if these details are well controlled.

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Family kitchen decoration in addition to taking into account the style and shape of the cabinet, fashion and beauty, for practicality is also one of the important factors, and in the selection of materials, for the cabinet countertop selection is very exquisite, as the saying goes, the kitchen decoration look at the cabinet, cabinet quality depends on the countertop. At present, the material of kitchen counter in the market can be divided into quartz stone, artificial stone, natural stone and stainless steel.

However, many families neglect the importance of mesa, inferior mesa is not only easy to crack, but also cause a series of troubles. Looking at each crack is bad, in fact, there are many ways to avoid mesa cracking. From the beginning of purchase to installation and use, as long as you control these details, it is difficult for quartz tables to crack.
1. Before installation, it is necessary to check the smoothness of the cabinet and check whether the size of quartz stone countertop matches the cabinet completely. If errors occur, quartzite countertops need to be reprocessed or cabinets repaired.
2. When measuring the depth of the cabinet, the size of 3-5 cm should be reserved on the table surface to facilitate the installation of the lower hanging edge bar.
3. Platform openings should be smooth, not zigzag, not to mention simple right angles. Four corners should be rounded with diameter not less than 20 mm and polished with sandpaper to avoid stress points at the opening and cracking when the force on the mesa is uneven.
4. High temperature will lead to cracking of the mesa. It is better to avoid the direct contact of high temperature objects and put heat shield on it.
5. Use the cutting board as far as possible to avoid cutting tool directly on the mesa surface, resulting in uneven cracking of the mesa.
6. Because of the high hardness and density of quartzite mesa, the processing technology requirements are higher. Therefore, quartz table installation, should contact professional quartz installation master, and use professional tools for installation, and not blindly self-installation.

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