How do you know that the quartz you bought is qualified without testing it?

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Quartz stone is a new type of artificial stone synthesized from fine quartz. It has a variety of colors and natural stone texture and luster. Quartz stone is a new type of non-radioactive and reusable green interior decoration stone, which is widely used in kitchen countertops, wash tables, dining tables, tea tables, window sills, door covers and other fields.

The higher the content of quartz in quartzite, the lower the resin content, the better the quality, the closer to nature, the less difficult to deform. When the resin content in quartzite is more than 10%, it can not be called real quartzite. Among the various products, how to distinguish the quality of quartz stone countertops and choose authentic quartz stone products is particularly important. How to distinguish the quartz stone which has been installed has become a problem of great concern. It can be tested according to the characteristics of quartz.
How to detect the quality of quartz mesa?
1. Avoid some undesirable businessmen to maximize their interests by doping calcium powder in raw materials for filling, and use oxalic acid for testing. If a small amount of oxalic acid is dripped into the surface of the sheet and bubbles appear, it means that the sheet contains calcium powder. The test time should not exceed half an hour. Cleaning and drying should be done with clear water or soapy water after the test.
2. Testing the anti-seepage ability, the water absorption rate of quartz stone sheet is 0.02%, the density of the sheet can reach 2.6 g m_and there are no capillary holes and small cracks on the surface, so the possibility of liquid seepage is very small. A small amount of soy sauce can be taken on the surface of the board and cleaned 24 hours later. If it seeps into the inside of the board, it will be unqualified.
3. High temperature resistance testing, stainless steel containers can be used to fill boiling water or light a cigarette on the surface of the board, and the time of placement can be controlled for about half an hour. If the discoloration of the board can not be cleaned with clean water, it will be unqualified.

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