Will quartzite bleach or not?

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Quartz stone, as the preferred stone material for home decoration, is a perfect combination of natural stone and artificial stone, and a higher breakthrough in decorative stone. Recently, people have paid much attention to the color permeation of quartz stone tables. Whether quartz stone will permeate or not, many businessmen will not explain it. Businessmen will tell you that quartzite has a smooth surface without any capillary holes or small cracks. It belongs to a brand new artificial stone, which is completely different from the ordinary artificial stone production process. It is produced by a brand new die casting process. This is one of the reasons why quartz stone manufacturers separate it from ordinary artificial stones.

Quartz stone adopts a new production technology and technology. Quartz stone can make the density of sheet metal reach 2.3-2.6g/cm3 by vacuum (vacuum pumping up to - 0.098Mpa) and high pressure and high vibration, and the water absorption is as low as 0.02%. So it is difficult for liquid to penetrate into the inside of sheet metal. And in the cabinet shop clerk will also give us a penetration test, many people will think that is the use of marker pen, if you can erase that the board is impermeable, and some stores will even use a transparent container, filled with soy sauce to invade quartz stone samples, continuous immersion. However, some households will use the table panel for a period of time after purchasing. What is the reason for this? What's in it?
If the staining of your own table is serious, the price of quartz stone you buy is cheaper and the quality is certainly poor, because the plate produced by domestic brand quartz stone manufacturers can not appear serious staining. That's why you are taught to use marker pens to do experiments when you buy them. Before doing experiments, you should wipe the board with a dry cloth. Why wipe the board with force? You should understand! However, the infiltration of rust water has little to do with the quality and density of the sheet, because the sheet itself is not zero water absorption, furthermore, the rust water has strong corrosiveness, and quartz stone is no exception, quartz sand itself is a natural mineral, and has a certain dilution of iron. Therefore, we should avoid contact with rusty iron in use, and use dry cloth to wipe the table after use to keep it dry.

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