Are quartz slabs used for ground surface modification?

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Quartz stone is a kind of environment-friendly building decoration stone, which is not unfamiliar to everyone. At present, quartz stone is widely used in cabinet counters, test benches and window sills. It has to be said that cabinet counters seem to be synonymous with quartz stone. Many people will say that quartzite is the exclusive mesa, which is wrong. Quartz stone was initially used in countertops because domestic quartz manufacturers have limited production technology and capacity, and mostly rely on imports, resulting in high prices of quartz, so that ordinary income families can only choose to apply to countertops with higher requirements on cabinets.

With the improvement of production technology and capability of quartz stone manufacturers in China, quartz stone has been widely used in overall home decoration. Because the water absorption of quartz stone is very low and its surface is smooth and difficult to stick, when bonded with traditional cement mortar, water spots and discoloration easily occur if improperly treated, resulting in more hollowing, cracking, shedding, bulging and other problems than natural stone.
Quartz stone has been used in more and more places on the ground. In order to avoid the emergence of various undesirable phenomena, the choice of materials is particularly important. The thickness of quartz stone should be more than 20 mm. When purchasing quartz stone, it should be explained to the quartz stone manufacturer that it is used on the ground, because the formula of quartz stone floor tile is different from other application fields. The binder should abandon the traditional cement paste and select special rubber powder. Because of the smooth surface of quartzite, it is necessary to avoid the separation of quartzite from the binder at the later stage, and the backing glue should be brushed before plastering.
1. When mixing rubber powder, the ratio of rubber powder to water should be 1 phr of water and 4 phr of dry powder. The proportion of powder to water can be adjusted according to construction habits. Stirring with low speed (300r/min) electric stirrer without raw powder.
2. Back glue. Brush back glue 2 hours before use. Back glue should be completely transparent before use.
3. After affirming that there is no clear water or dust on the base surface, the thickness of the scraping quartz stone adhesives (strip shape/full batch scraping) is 7 mm-15 mm or more. The same is done on the back of the stone. The thickness of the scraping quartz stone is 2-3 mm. Then it is pasted with quartz stone and tapped lightly with rubber mallet, so that the new scraped quartz stone can completely adhere to the adhesives. Then correct the joint between the level and the adjacent plate, and note that the joint between the stone should be reserved for 3 mm or more.

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