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Quartz cabinet countertop brand fish and dragon mixed, playing with concepts everywhere. Take the table of 1000 yuan per extension meter as an example, if we use the best quartz stone made in China, it will cost more than 600 yuan (plate fee). However, at present, the production technology of domestic quartz stone manufacturers is uneven. Some worse domestic quartz stones only need more than 100 yuan per meter (the cost of plate), and a table of one meter can have hundreds of yuan difference, which provides a lot of profit for businesses. Between. So what's the price of quartzite on the kitchen counter? Today I'd like to introduce the price of quartz stone on kitchen countertop.

What are the advantages of quartz countertops in kitchens?
Quartz stone is made of quartz crystals, resins and trace pigments by isomeric polymerization under vacuum conditions. Its main structure is quartz crystals up to 90%, which makes its texture more rigid and compact. It has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and penetration resistance that other decorative materials can not match. The combination of rich colors makes it have natural stone texture and beautiful surface luster.
What's the price of quartz table in kitchen?
The advantages of quartz stone countertop cabinet are scratch resistance and wear resistance, because its quartz content is relatively high; anti-corrosion and pollution prevention, color will not fade, yellowing and old, long service life, decorative appearance is very beautiful and generous. The disadvantage is simplicity. However, in terms of price, the lowest price of quartz tables made of this material is RMB 400 yuan per meter, and the highest price is RMB 800 yuan per meter or more. If it is customized quartz cabinet countertop, its price is tens of thousands of, and the kitchen quartz countertop performance-price ratio is very high. This price is for reference only.

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