Why Quartz Stone Can Occupy Decorative Stone Market Quickly

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Stone is more and more widely used in home decoration. With the stricter and stricter state control over natural stone mining, and other factors such as excessive radioactivity of some natural stones, natural stones are more used in outdoor decoration. With the popularity of "low carbon", "environmental protection", "green" and other new life propositions, artificial stone products which are more in line with the requirements of circular economy and energy conservation and environmental protection have gradually emerged, and make up for the defects of natural stone better. However, the hardness of artificial stone is low and easy to be scratched. In people's search for better alternatives, quartz stone appears. It can show the beauty of stone decoration.

Quartz stone is made of 90% quartz crystals and 7% resin and other binders by artificial die casting. It belongs to artificial stone slab and is also called synthetic stone. Because quartz sands containing more than 90% of quartz slabs (less than 90% is unqualified, strong resin sense and will reduce hardness) are called quartz by quartz stone manufacturers and stand alone in artificial stone products. Quartz slab is rich in color, smooth and compact without holes and small cracks. Plate is formed under vacuum, high pressure and high vibration. Its density can reach 2.3g/cm and hardness can reach 6 grade of Mohs hardness (household ironware can not harm the surface of plate). Its water absorption rate is only 0.02%. It makes it difficult for liquid to penetrate into the interior of plate (except rust water). In addition, quartzite has non-toxic, non-radiation and zero formaldehyde. Excellent characteristics.
Quartz stone has many advantages, such as plasticity, rich color (which can be manually modulated), hardness of natural stone, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and impermeability, so the appearance of quartz stone makes up for the lack of stone materials in decoration market. Because the price of quartz stone is higher than other stone materials in the initial stage, it has not been used in the whole decoration. With the continuous improvement of quartz production technology and capacity in China, the price of quartz stone will be more popular. With the growing popularity of quartz stone by decoration designers, quartz stone has been widely used in various fields of decoration. However, with the rapid development of quartz industry, some small manufacturers are still in the stage of imitation, but also some manufacturers in order to make quick profits regardless of product quality, so the purchase of quartz needs caution!

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