Why Quartz Stone Becomes the Top of the Cabinet Counter

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With the development of home decoration industry, cabinets have become one of the furniture that consumers spend more. The choice of cabinet countertops is more related to the service life of cabinets. Now there are so many kitchen countertops on the market. Why do more and more people choose to use quartzite? Is quartz countertops really superior to other materials?

Why do we all say that quartzite is good, first of all, because its texture is very hard, quartzite is die-cast under vacuum conditions, the surface of the plate is the same, compact and porous, its density can reach 2.3g/m, which fully illustrates the hardness of quartzite, and is not easy to crack, even if the time is long, do not worry about cracking.
Thereafter, the surface of quartz stone has excellent corrosion resistance to kitchen acid and alkali. The liquid substance used in daily life will not penetrate into its interior. The water absorption rate of quartz stone plate is only 0.02%. So long-term liquid placed on the surface can only be wiped with clean water or detergent, if necessary, with a blade to scrape off the surface of the residue.
Finally, quartzite has many advantages such as natural granite, marble beauty, artificial granite color and so on. Quartz stone manufacturers use quartz sand and resin die-casting to make its appearance warm and round, removing the cold and hard feeling of natural stone, more colorful design, can be perfectly combined with different color cabinets.

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