Why not with quartz calorimeter direct contact?

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The surface of the quartz stone is smooth, smooth and free of scratches, and the structure of the dense and non porous material makes the bacteria nowhere to hide. Up to 93% of natural quartz usually contain quartz stone, also contains resin, mineral pigments and other additives, selection of materials by color and vacuum pressure to form a complex is extremely close, after cutting and polishing process become complex surface of quartz stone, the surface of the plate as hard as granite, like color marble rich structure of a glass like anti pollution, after finishing the form like artificial stone as perfect.
Quartz stone plate high temperature up to 300 degrees, in which many people will wonder why container placed directly on the surface of the sheet will cause cracking and discoloration? Quartz stone in the use of direct contact heat and cause uneven heating, or remove the melter directly after using water to cool the hot and cold plate intersection caused by thermal expansion and contraction response table. Because quartz stone material contains 7% of the resin as adhesive, in the part of the sudden heat after cracking. It should prevent the table and container directly touch, in the use of the process table and the container is placed insulation pad center should touch. Quartz stone factory guide manual also suggests users should avoid direct contact with the container should be used for heat insulation pad, all goods should be treasured in use.
But even perfect things, also have weakness, no matter which kind of quartz stone materials are afraid of high temperature erosion, use should avoid direct contact with high temperature object, it is best to use the insulation pad, try to avoid using sharp objects electrodes of quartz surface should be used in order to avoid scratches. To avoid a plate, such as the cabinet table hole and the surrounding vacant position, to avoid the cracking phenomenon. The surface of the plate should be kept dry, although the water absorption rate of quartz stone plate is almost 0.02%. However, the liquid for a long time to stay led to evaporation of water to leave water stains, to the latter cleaning unnecessary trouble.

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