You do not know the quartz stone hidden dangers, the wrong choice will be the crisis of life!

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Quartz stone with high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy bleeding and excellent performance, become the most ideal materials for the cabinet table, preparing a highly praised by the industry and consumers, but the quartz stone jumbly a market, the price difference is big, so that consumers found quality. Some unscrupulous businesses in the production process using lead or cadmium and other heavy metals of poor quality inorganic pigments, directly added to organic solvents. These inferior quartz stone plate into the family, through heavy metals and other harmful substances, with food as the carrier directly into the digestive system, harm human health. Organic solvents and heavy metals harm the digestive system.
The residual formaldehyde volatile quartz inferior long-term may lead to cancer some unscrupulous businessmen in order to reduce the cost of adding formaldehyde glue solvent, processing will remain over the table of formaldehyde, formaldehyde flavor 3-5 years of uninterrupted evaporation strong, indoor air circulation and high temperature, accelerate such toxic substances volatile, long term contact is likely to cause cancer. Poor quality quartz stone producers for the pursuit of profit and ignore the interests of consumers, this kind of plate although the price is low, but seriously endanger the health of consumers.
The stone surface of the quartz stone is really smooth, smooth and without scratches, and the structure of the dense and non porous material makes the bacteria nowhere to hide! Therefore, consumers in the purchase of quartz stone plate must be cautious, so as to avoid the purchase of "poison" into long-term source for the family, family life and health hazards.

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