Quartz stone cabinet installation acceptance criteria

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 Custom quartz stone countertops product line, the other will directly affect the beauty of the table and the length of the life of the link is the quality of the installation of the mesa. This is the reason why we are happy to find a professional quartz stone table manufacturers and processors.
So the question is, for many home improvement experience of the majority of owners, how to quartz stone countertops installation construction quality acceptance? Today and Xiaobian together to understand the acceptance criteria.
1, color: the same type of quartz stone color, due to the different time of the factory will have a certain degree of color difference phenomenon, we must pay attention to the table when entering the contrast.
2, flatness: after the installation of the table must be used to check the flatness.
3, seam: if the table after the installation can clearly see the seam of the water line, or with the hand can feel the obvious wrong seam, indicating that the joint is certainly not done.
4, open hole: table top sink and the position of the kitchen need to open the hole, the edge of the hole to be smooth, can not have serrated shape; the four corners to do a certain radian, can not be a simple right angle, but also to strengthen the special. It is best to avoid the choice of site openings.
5, after blocking water: in order to prevent the water table to the back of the cabinet, so, the table against the wall, the water must be turned over the formation of water. It should be noted that this must be turned over on the smooth arc of the turn, but not the right angle of the turn, otherwise it will be difficult to clean the left corner.
6, playing glue: after the water and the wall will be connected to the place where the white glass glue; table and the water will be connected to the transparent glass glue. Before you glue, we must check whether the packaging is marked with plastic glass mold function, after the glue must supervise workers to remove excess glue in time. 


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