What is the difference between the laying of quartz and quartz quartz

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Now referred to quartz stone, have to say is the cabinet table, the cabinet table seems to be synonymous with quartz stone. A lot of people will say that quartz stone is the exclusive table, Xiao Bian to say that this is wrong. Quartz stone mesa is used at first but because domestic quartz stone factory production technology and the limited capacity, are mostly dependent on imports, resulting in quartz stone prices are too high, ordinary income families used in high requirements on the cabinet table. With the improvement of the production technology and capacity of quartz stone manufacturers in China, at present, quartz stone has been applied to the whole building.
Quartz stone is now more used in the laying of the ground, the quartz stone should be used on the ground what are the advantages? Quartz stone tile is the advantage of smooth surface, no pores, defects such as pits, rich colors, the surface of the substrate to suspended particles, have a certain degree of transparency. Physical and chemical properties: good strength, stiffness, hardness, especially impact resistance, scratch resistance. Durability: has the weathering resistance, dimensional stability, deformation resistance and resistance to cold and heat.
What is the difference between quartz quartz and quartz stone on the ground?
1, thickness: common quartz stone thickness on the market is 15mm, and the ground laying with quartz stone thickness of more than 20mm.
2, toughness and hardness: ground quartz stone retains its hardness, while increasing the toughness of the plate. Reduce the quartz stone surface in the late bulge and the chance of curling up.
3, impact resistance (explosion proof of): table for quartz stone can be anti knocking at an average of 50 in the cricket ball in the experiment, the average in 7. While the average test of ground quartz stone is 200 and the average of the falling ball is about 60.
The construction method of ground quartz stone is quite different from that of ceramic tile. Good Xiaobian today and we talk to this, tomorrow we'll talk about the laying of quartz stone ground!

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