Quartz stone prices and quartz stone table price difference

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Have some experience of the owners and decoration industry know, quartz stone cabinet counter price is generally around 450, in the end is about 700, while the high-end cabinet table quartz stone price is higher than the thousand yuan. Of course, the price of other materials cabinets countertops are also different. For quartz stone countertops are a lot for cognitive tricky, some bad businesses will do in the table material, with other stone posing as quartz stone, to obtain profits.
So for the general budget is not even that the budget is not high, the owners do not recommend the use of the lowest quality quartz stone countertops, to avoid being fooled. Otherwise, not too long on the problem, such as the replacement or cost, will also affect the normal use, as in a one-time fine quartz stone countertops use three to five years is as good as new. For the price of quartz stone and quartz stone table prices will be mixed in one, in fact, not otherwise, the following Xiaobian take you to see the difference between them.
Quartz stone refers to the price of quartz stone manufacturers plate ex factory price. The price of each manufacturer is different, because the manufacturer is based on the price of raw materials and production costs. Quartz stone countertops price is calculated by Yanmi cabinets store, Yanmi refers to the finished product, which includes board fees, processing fees, installation fees table table. It is not a meter plate can be made of one meter. So before buying must distinguish.

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