Running to pursue your dream in 2019, starting from the first day of New Year's

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At 8:08 on February 12, the company ushered in the first day of construction after the Lunar New Year. New Year's sailing, gather together to talk about blueprints, draw up New Year's plans, start a new journey... Kang Jieli's colleagues wipe their hands and intend to do a big job in the new year. Kang Jieli people from all over the country have used Wechat to expose the prosperity of "the first day of construction".

On the first day of construction, people come early in spring and strive at the right time. On the morning of February 12, when we entered the factory area of Kangjili Company, some workers wearing overalls were cleaning, some were repairing equipment, and some were cleaning machinery. They are busy preparing for the new year's production. Everyone hopes to get out of the festival atmosphere quickly and invest in intensive production, hoping to seize the first chance in the new year and create a "red start".
A year's plan lies in spring, and a lifetime's plan lies in diligence. Happiness is a struggle, 2019, let's start from the first day of work, running after dreams, Comely refuel!

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