How to maintain quartz quartzas?

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The use frequency of the kitchen in the family is the highest, and the most frequently used place in the kitchen is the quartz stone table. The long time use will bring some damage to the quartz stone, which also brings some trouble to the later cleaning and maintenance. Quartz stone belongs to artificial stone products. In a sense, some household cleaning tools will do some harm to it. The following Xiaobian will give you the explanation of quartz stone cleaning and maintenance.

For kitchen cleanliness, the most common headache is oil fumes and water stains. For quartz stone table cleaning is the most simple, use clean water and rag, after cleaning, dry towel dry. Do not use wire ball or shovel scraping in the cleaning. Scraping back and forth will cause scratches. In case of obstinate stains, soapy water or neutral detergent can be used, strong detergent, metal cleaning agent, stove cleaning agent are forbidden, and methylene chloride, acetone and strong acid cleaning agent are not touched.
In the use of attention and maintenance, do not put high temperature objects directly or permanently on the table, or directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven, hot pot, and other high temperature appliances may bring damage to the surface of quartz stone, and should put a heat insulation pad on the table. Do not beat the table vigorously, cut, chop and cut things directly on the table. Although the quartz stone table is strong and durable, it will leave unsightly scratches. Use clean water in time to avoid stains. Regular wax, stone or cabinet stores can buy Stone wax, or wax or floor wax. It is best to waxed once in March, and splice joints or key seats can be played once a month.

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