Can't the quartz mesa really be shaved?

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The use frequency of the cabinet in the family is the highest, and the most frequently used place in the kitchen is the quartz stone table. The long time use will bring some damage to the quartz stone, which also brings some trouble to the later cleaning and maintenance. Quartz stone belongs to man-made stone products, in a sense, some household cleaning tools will do some harm to this, and even scratches.

Quartz stone surface scratch cause, quartz stone will not be easily scratched, it is the use of iron nails exhaustion strokes, and will not easily scrape, should be the hardness of the quartz stone plate up to 7 moth hardness. The scratched stone is made of quartz stone or artificial granite stone, which is made of quartz stone, with the same surface hardness. Some businesses will take advantage of gang stones and earn high profits. The price is less than half the price of quartzite. Furthermore, the use of superhard sharp tool scratches on the surface, or there are sand or glass particles on the table surface rubbing back and forth will cause damage to the table surface! When cleaning, it will be scratched with quartz ball and rubbing quartz stone.
How should it be repaired after the scratch?
1. Shallow scratches can be repaired by hand. Hand-held polishing machine plus more than 3000 mesh water grinding plate is used for polishing until the scratches disappear. If the operation capacity is weak, it is recommended to purchase 5000 or more water abrasive paper and water for polishing.
2, scratches are more serious, should find professionals or contact with manufacturers. Because the scratch is too deep, the resin should be used to repair and then be polished after the resin is solidified.
So in use, we should pay attention to abnormal operation and timely maintenance. Do not put the high temperature object directly or permanently on the table, or the hot pot, hot pot and other high temperature appliances which are taken down from the oven or oven and microwave oven, and other high temperature appliances may bring damage to the surface of quartz stone, which should be put on the table surface. Block insulation pad. Don't knock the table, cut, chop, cut things directly on the table, although the quartz table is solid and durable, but this will leave an ugly scratch. Use clean water in time to avoid stains. Regular wax, stone or cabinet stores can buy Stone wax, or wax or floor wax. It is best to waxed once in March, and splice joints or key seats can be played once a month.

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