Reasons for selecting quartz stone for high grade decoration

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Modern decoration using stone is becoming more and more common, the requirements of high-grade decoration to stone are becoming more and more high, the characteristic stone is out of the trend. Below, I will introduce the reasons for the selection of special stone for villas, hotels and high-end places.
1, the material is quartzite and semi precious stone: ordinary decoration stone material is usually marble and granite, and the material of the characteristic stone is mostly quartz and semi precious stone, and some precious stones are the main raw materials of the jewelry industry, so the material is extremely rare and precious.

2. Natural and unique colors: distinctive stone colors and their rich and colorful, such as Anta Jinji rich yellow, green bamboo fresh and natural green.
3. The majestic veins: the rules and irregularities of the veins are so unconventional, such as the yellow robe sweeping the world, the free and elegant Galaxy green
4, the processing difficulty is high: the hardness of the characteristic stone is mostly above grade 7, and some are 8--9 grade close to diamond 10 hardness. The cutting difficulty is 3 to 4 times the ordinary stone material, for example, Jin Linglong is the highest hardness stone.
5. Improving Taste: Taste, like a person's personality charm, naturally affects every trace of air around you from the inside out. Like a dream of butterflies
6, it is not easy to be imitated: it has been imitated and never surpassed. Such as Lan Xingyun
7. High gloss: high gloss and high light transmittance.
8. Precious, rare: They are limited edition all over the world, because of rare varieties, less mining resources, Limited annual production, such as lake water stone characteristics of sea ice blue.
Quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone, it has natural environmental protection, non-toxic and non radiation characteristics, quartz stone because of its natural quartz hardness and tight holes without cracks, sturdy and durable, elegant fashion, in line with modern urban people to advocate high performance cost-effective and high performance of the psychological needs of modern decoration welcome and favor. Natural vein style: most of the pattern color of quartz stone sheet is designed by the top designer for several years, and has been tested and developed repeatedly. It contains a variety of natural jade types and hue.

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