Is there a seam on the quartz stone table? Is the manufacturer cheating?

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Now the kitchen decoration for the selection of the cabinet counter, most of them will use quartz stone to make the table. Many people would mistakenly believe that quartzite is no match for man-made. And in the selection and installation often appear after the obvious problem of seams, which many people think is deceived, may also have the purchase commitment to seamless bonding. A lot of people came to ask the information about whether the quartzite will appear obvious problem of sticky points. The little editor is reading this kind of question for you today!

The difference between quartzite and artificial stone is mainly the composition, properties and production technology. From the composition, the artificial stone includes resin artificial stone, pure acrylic stone and artificial granite. The packing is mostly natural stone powder or aluminum hydroxide powder. The joint is resin bonding, because the resin synthetic stone is generally not resistant to high temperature and poor hardness, but the artificial stone with good quality is as pure acrylic Shi Ke. Plasticity is very good can do any shape, and artificial stone in addition to artificial granite environmental protection joining seamless, this is not quartz stone. The main components of quartz stone are quartz sand and rare resin, high hardness and high temperature resistant and impermeable oil, high quality quartz stone and light color can also be seamless stitching, because quartz stone is too hard to make various arc shapes like artificial stone.
Therefore, the appearance of a less obvious seam on the quartz stone table is within the normal scope, and there is no fraud. The advantages of quartzite itself are obvious to all. But quartzite can also be seamlessly spliced, depending on the technology and experience of the mesa processing master. Generally, teachers who have more than two years' working experience can achieve seamless stitching of quartz stone countertops. When choosing quartzite, we should try to choose famous brand after-sales service.

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