The truth of the replacement of quartzite countertops after five or six years

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At the early stage of quartz stone development, because of its high price, it was only used in places and high-grade decoration with high demand for table tops, and became the exclusive property of "rich people". With the formation of quartz stone production technology and the continuous improvement of quartz stone manufacturers'production capacity, the use of quartz stone has been popularized, quartz stone has gradually entered ordinary people's homes. The role of quartz stone is not only limited to the mesa, has been more used for the ground, wall and modeling of the production, but also in the use of countertops and window sills in the first place.

Why can quartz stone become the first choice for table decoration? Because the surface of quartz stone is smooth, smooth and no scratches, dense and no holes, colorful, structure like glass, anti-corrosion and anti-fouling, after finishing the shape of artificial stone as perfect. Compared with other materials, quartz stone has the advantages of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, impermeability, colorless, etc.
How long is the life of the quartzite table? We also said before that real quartz stone, if not man-made destruction of life can be said to be unlimited. Because the quartzite plate can be re polished and polished, and once again the quartz stone is polished. Why do we need to replace the new table in five or six years? With the continuous updating of product performance and quartz table style, the previous style can not meet the current aesthetic. Every product is developed for the demand of the market in the next few years. Compared with the original products, the new products have some improvement in product performance and quality, so they are more suitable for the development of modern aesthetics.

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