Kang Jieli express: Xiamen gold cabinet Limited by Share Ltd visited our factory

Number of visits:information sources:Shandong Kang Jieli New Materials Co., LtdRelease time:2018/4/21

In the morning of April 20th, Xiamen gold medals cabinet Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 603180) procurement supply director Li Qi Jie, engineering department and technical director Shen Xing, R & D Engineering Manager Lin Jianjia, He Rongkun and Quality Engineer Wang Jiaquan, visited Shandong Kang Li artificial stone Co., Ltd. inspection Factory. Our executive vice president Li Tinghong, sales director Chen Yong and Shao Suo, the manager of the large customer department, were accompanied by Mr. Li, who warmly welcomed the arrival of the gold cabinet, and sincerely hoped that the two sides could reach a strategic cooperation.

Kang Jieli artificial stone Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sale of Kangjie Li brand artificial stone, quartz stone and acrylic. The company focuses on product development and technological innovation. So far, it has participated in the revision of 3 national industry standards, and has obtained 45 patents.
After 16 years of industry accumulation, Kang Jie Li and its "Kang Jie Li" brand artificial stone products have been awarded "national high-tech enterprises", "Shandong one enterprise and one technology research and development center", "green artificial stone brand", "Shandong Province intellectual property demonstration enterprise", "China famous brand," Chinese cabinet ten major suppliers "and so on. Honorary title.
Accompanied by Li and others, the visitors visited our company's provincial R & D center, the company's honor wall, new exhibition hall and production base, and visited our company's Quartz Stone Intelligent board production line, laboratory and the selection and inspection of the raw materials concerned by the guests, and the quality control and control links of the finished products out of the factory. After the visit, we watched the promotional film of our company in our conference room and discussed business negotiations.
The visit to the factory by the leader of the gold cabinet is a continuation of the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition. Through the field investigation to our company, the leaders of the gold medals cabinet have affirmed the strong strength of our company, the excellent product quality and the warm and thoughtful service, and admire our company's consciousness of "green, environmental protection and energy saving".
Through this investigation and exchange, the two sides have laid a good foundation for the later strategic cooperation. This is the company's cooperation with the top domestic cabinet supplier of Beijing KB Boloni last year after the strategic cooperation between the company and a top cabinet cabinet supplier, the gold cabinet, into the actual operation and the sprint. Paragraph, the company's strategy of "transferring mode, adjusting structure and upgrading" continues to push forward step by step.

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