Quartz stone table deformation reasons!

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Home decoration people not only pursue external beauty, but also require decoration materials to be green and environmental friendly. It is well known that the current decorative materials, the real price of environmental protection materials is very high, so for ordinary home decoration, only part of the place will be used, such as cabinet countertop quartz stone. Quartz stone is widely recognized as a green and environment-friendly decorative stone. But there will also be some problems. Many people ask Xiaobian message to ask the reasons for the deformation of the quartzite table. The following is the Xiaobian for everyone to find the quartz stone table deformation and tilt reasons!

The raw materials of quartz stone slab are more than 90% quartz sand and 7% resin and other binders solidified by vacuum, high pressure and kiln. Therefore, the higher the resin content, the lower the hardness of quartzite, the easier it is to deform, and the less resistant it is to scratch. If you want to reduce deformation, you need to reduce the amount of resin, increase the proportion of quartz sand, molding pressure to increase the compactness of the appropriate increase, this is related to the quartz manufacturer's production. The second is in the processing and installation of the leak left, and cabinet connection without a pad or gasket is also likely to appear deformation warping.
How can we distinguish whether quartz stone countertops will be deformed in use? It can be divided into smell, row and look. First to understand smell and scratch, because the resin content of more flavor is also relatively slow, if the board is more strong flavor is the resin content is higher. By the same token, the hardness of the plate itself is also hard to achieve, and the key can draw a deep mark. How do we see it? The main thing is to see whether the processors have cushions on the bottom of the table when installing. If you do not find these problems, congratulate you, your table will not have any problems in ten years!

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