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Maintenance of the counter first to understand what led to the need for cleaning and maintenance of the counter, and then consider how to maintain the counter. Oil and dust are the killer of cupboards. Frozen three feet is not a day of cold, maintenance cabinets, degreasing, not a year or a half a year to clean can be maintained well, maintenance efforts need to be accumulated in peacetime. Do a key cleaning every day, every other period of time to carry out comprehensive maintenance, such cabinets will last forever. In daily life, we need proper use and maintenance. Now let's take a look at how to maintain the different integral cabinet counter.

Artificial stone countertops should be prevented from being placed on top of dark-colored condiment bottles or the like, and an impervious washer should be placed under the condiment bottles and cans. Artificial stone is easy to repair, produce scratches, stains infiltration phenomenon, you can ask professional maintenance personnel to polish and polish, you can also use their own special sandpaper grinding. When there are cracks, the stones should be glued and rubbed. In order to avoid the trouble of repairing, usually pay attention to maintenance, too hot things should be placed under the heat shield; always keep the table clean, in order to prevent stains infiltration into the table; cut vegetables, should use the cutting board, pay attention to moisture-proof and regular polishing wax. Regular regular use of proper maintenance fluid can also effectively extend the life of the table.
Table maintenance of natural stone cabinet. Natural stone is characterized by large surface pores, so in the use of the process if encountered any stains or moisture, should be treated immediately, so as not to dirty infiltration into the stone table. Generally, neutral detergent should be used to prevent detergent from eroding the natural stone table surface. During maintenance, the pore of stone can be sealed with permeable protective agent to prevent the entry of pollutants, and then the surface protective agent can be used to protect the color of the table.
Stainless steel cabinet counter maintenance. Metal material is easy to clean and durable, in view of its easy oxidation characteristics, usually cleaning should pay attention to the use of neutral detergent cleaning, less contact with alkaline substances. When all kinds of acids or bleaching agents are attached, wash them immediately with water and wash with neutral detergent. Proper use of 3M stainless steel activator and other professional products maintenance, more long-term maintenance of stainless steel table gloss and texture uniform appearance. Stainless steel table need to pay attention to prevent shaving, scratches, can not be removed, so do not scrub with steel ball.
Quartz stone cabinet deck should be kept clean after use. First of all. As far as possible to prevent moisture, including door plank should also often dry, can not soak, prevent deformation and cracking. The quartz stone table is not afraid of putting the hot pot on it, but the recommended use does not forget to protect the table, can be placed on the table mat. Avoid contact with sharp objects, and finally prevent too heavy things from being placed on them. Usually should pay attention to more maintenance, if there is oil or scale, then use warm water or neutral detergent scrubbing can be.
Overall cabinet countertop maintenance methods, in fact, is not too difficult, I hope that we do a good job of countertop maintenance, extend the life of the cabinet at home!

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