The price and calculation method of quartz stone table

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Quartz stones are not only beautiful in appearance, but also wear resistant, easy to scrub and environmental friendly. Quartzite is made of more than 90% quartz sand and 7% resin and other adhesive by high pressure and high vibration. The hardness of the quartz is up to 7 second only to the diamond, which is incomparable to other decorative stones, and is also a reason for the high price of quartz stone.

The price of quartzite is a problem that many people pay more attention to. There are even a lot of end users with quartz stone manufacturers to contact the inquiry directly, but the price of the manufacturer is a sheet factory price, not the finished product.
Quartz stone product quality is not the same price is different, at present the average price of quartz stone is about 300 yuan per square meter, the lowest market price is about 230 yuan per square meter, the highest can be up to several thousand yuan per square meter. The price of our household quartz stone kitchen counter is 400 yuan per meter to a few thousand yuan. Of course, there are more than 200 yuan per meter in the market, and even cheaper ones.
Why is there so much difference in quartz stone? In fact, we know that the price of the quartz stone table includes table design, quartzite plate, cutting, combination, front and back water sticking (the back of the water round and low arc), open hole (basin hole and furnace hole), tub, pad or liner and installation cost and so on, which we get at the cabinet store. The quotation is included in the above cost
We come to a more straightforward algorithm, with an example of the common board (monochrome) 2440x750x15mm on the market, with an average price of about 400 yuan per meter per meter, and about 164 yuan per meter. The artificial cost per meter is about 120 yuan per meter (no back water circle, low arc), and the cushion is about 20 yuan per meter; and the pot, wastage and glue are also added. Resin glue, structural adhesive, glass glue, etc., auxiliary materials, transportation, storage and processing equipment depreciation and so on, so that we can calculate the price of the quartzite table in a very intuitive way.

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