Should we replace or repair the quartz stone table after cracking?

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The quality of the counter directly affects the service life of the cabinet. The common table materials on the market are artificial stone, quartz stone, natural stone and stainless steel, and the most popular one is quartz stone table. Because quartz stone has many advantages, such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, impermeability, non-toxic, but the price of quartz stone is the highest, and decoration is sure to spend money, in the choice of mesa materials, many people are often reluctant to spend money, always feel the same name material quality should be similar. However, cracks will occur in less than a year after use.

After the table cracks, find businesses will often be "kicked the ball", but the problem is always to solve, is the maintenance or replacement of the new table? Brand quartz stone manufacturer's products have a one-year warranty period, in the warranty period if the plate or processing problems will be replaced free of charge, after all, people will not break their brand because of this trivial matter. If the merchants "kick each other" can be imagined that you buy is not guaranteed, but also that you buy a low-cost products.
Is it a replacement or maintenance after cracking? If it is a low-cost purchase of small braided recommendations you would better replace it directly, because this kind of sheet metal may exist safety hazards, to a certain extent harmful to the human body. If you buy brand quartz stone and the warranty period, you don't have to worry, because the manufacturer will directly replace you. If it is used unreasonably or has been guaranteed, it should be selected according to the degree of cracking. If the cracking length is not up to 20cm, it can be repaired. The maintenance should be operated by professionals.

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