Quartz stone surface paving and processing

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At present, quartzite is increasingly used in various public places, family spaces and other places. Due to the low water absorption of quartz stone, the surface is smooth and difficult to stick. If the traditional cement mortar is used to bond and pave, water spots and discoloration are easy to occur, resulting in more hollow, cracking, shedding, bulging and other problems than natural stone.

Quartz stone has been used in more and more places on the ground, in order to avoid this undesirable phenomenon, the choice of materials is particularly important. Quartz stone thickness should be selected more than 20 mm, the purchase should be with quartz stone manufacturers to explain the ground use, should be quartz stone floor tile formula and other applications are different. The binder should be abandoned by traditional cement paste and special rubber powder should be selected. Because the surface of quartz is smooth, it is necessary to brush the back glue before it is separated from the binder.
Quartz stone floor paving requirements:
1. Rubber powder stirring, the ratio of rubber powder and water should be 2 (rubber powder): 1 (water) stirring evenly after 3-5 minutes of static, stirring again after 2 minutes for use (within two hours).
2, back glue, plate in 2 hours before the use of the back glue, the back glue should be completely transparent to be used.
3. Paving and pasting, confirming that there is no water and no dust on the base, scraping the quartz stone adhesive (strip shape / full batch scraping) thickness of more than 7 mm, the same way on the back of the stone, thickness of 2-3 mm, then pasting quartz stone, using a rubber hammer tapping gently, so that the new quartz stone can be completely bonded with the adhesive. Then adjust the seam between the horizontal and adjacent panels, and note that the 3mm or more joints should be reserved between stones.
Notes: After quartz stone installation, must meet the requirements (generally 48 hours later) can walk on it, in order to avoid uneven or damage to the pavement.

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