Kang Jie Li increases environmental protection investment, enhances the company

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In recent years, China's environmental protection requirements for production-oriented enterprises have been constantly upgraded, clear corporate responsibility, and actively promote green production. Shandong Kangjieli Artificial Stone Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of artificial stones. Facing the development of the industry and the needs of consumers, Shandong Kangjieli Artificial Stone Co.

In order to further enhance the production level of green artificial stone and realize the coordinated and unified development of the company, society and environment, the company actively responds to the call of the state to suppress dust and reduce VOCs emissions as a key work to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and invests a large amount of capital, manpower and material resources. The focus is to transform and control a small amount of dust and a small amount of volatile emissions from the production site.
After upgrading, a small amount of dust and volatile gases produced in the quartz stone production process of the company were treated by water spraying, UV photocatalysis and plasma treatment. After treatment, the discharges were dust-free and odorless, the discharged gases reached the standard and the workshop environment was improved.
"Responsibility, cooperation, win-win" is the core values of Kangjieli company, but also Kangjieli company's social responsibility orientation, the company has a profound understanding that improving the production environment, improve occupational health and hygiene level is not a phased work. In the future, the company will do a good job in production and management at the same time, conscientiously sum up the experience of environmental protection management, constantly optimize equipment and technology, improve production efficiency, more actively assume social responsibility, with practical action for economic development and artificial stone industry to contribute to the environmental protection work of their own strength!

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