The correct test method of quartz stone penetration test

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If the quartz stone will permeate, many businessmen will not explain. Businesses will tell you that the surface of quartzite is smooth without any pores and small cracks. It belongs to a brand-new artificial stone. It is totally different from the ordinary artificial stone in production technology. It is produced by a brand-new die casting process. This is one of the reasons why quartzite manufacturers separate them from ordinary man-made stones.

Quartz stone uses a new production technology and technology, so that the density of the plate can reach 2.46 g/cm 3, water absorption rate of 0.02%, so it is difficult to say that the liquid penetrates into the plate interior. And the clerk in the cabinet store will give us some anti-penetration experiments, many will think that is to use a marker pen, if you can erase the board is anti-penetration. However, after buying a little time, it will color the plate. What is the reason? The following and the Xiaobian to understand the tricky inside.
If the quartz stone is seriously colored, you may have bought a false quartz stone. As we mentioned above, the permeability of quartzite is very low. Many people wonder why they didn't ask questions during the experiment. This is because there is another layer of oily wax on the surface of stone, so it will not penetrate at that time. For infiltration experiments, the surface of the sheet should be wiped vigorously before the experiment, and the protective wax on the surface can be removed. The experiment was conducted with household soy sauce. The experiment lasted for 24 hours and was observed at 24 hours. In daily use, it should also avoid prolonged exposure to dark liquids.

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