Quartz stone has impermeability function, but it does not mean impermeability.

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Quartz stone is the preferred stone for home decoration, because quartz stone through vacuum (vacuum up to - 0.098 Mpa), high pressure and high vibration (density must reach 2.3/cubic centimeter to qualify), heating and solidification of green decorative stone, but also with scratch resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on. Anti-penetration, non-toxic, non-radiation and other characteristics can be described as the perfect combination of natural stone and artificial stone, but also a higher breakthrough in decorative stone. Recently, people pay much attention to the seepage of quartz stone tables. Since quartz stone has anti-seepage properties, why does it appear again? Next, we will analyze the problem of color infiltration from the small edition.

Qualified quartz slabs have no small cracks and pore on their surface, and their water absorption is 0.02%. This shows that the possibility of color penetration still exists. Compared with other stone materials, the permeability is almost zero. Soy sauce, vinegar, oil consumption, tea, coffee and so on are the sources of easy seepage, and hot melt directly placed on the table is easy to discolor. If the countertop touches these things carelessly, please clean the countertop as soon as possible. The best time is to clean it with clean water or neutral detergent within 12 hours, and dry it with a dry cloth. Because these are not completely infiltrated into the mesa, but the rust left by the evaporation of water, the longer it takes, the more difficult it is to clean up. If it's too long to clean, you can try toothpaste.
If the color of your own table is more serious, the price of quartz stone you buy is cheaper and the quality is certainly worse, because the plate produced by domestic brand quartz stone manufacturers can not appear serious color penetration. That's why you are taught to use marker pens to do experiments when you buy them. Before doing experiments, you should wipe the board with a dry cloth. Why do you wipe the board with a dry cloth? After serious bleaching, it should contact the cabinet store or manufacturer for free replacement treatment, of course, this must be after-sale. Don't worry if you choose to buy at a price advantage, you can find professional stone renovation personnel to repair, and the latter should be regularly maintained.

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