Physical properties of quartz slab

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At present, quartzite commonly sold on the market is called polymer composite material, synthetic stone and artificial marble. This product is a kind of decorative artificial stone slab formed by mixing quartz sand (silica SiO rammer) with unsaturated resin and corresponding additives, pigments, etc. The surface of the sheet is smooth, compact, porous and colorful, which can be comparable to natural marble.

The manufacture of quartz stone in China originated in the 1990s, but due to the misleading technology at that time, the incompatibility of raw materials and additives, the products at that time were liable to fracture, water absorption and discoloration, warping and deformation, and high volatilization of styrene. Therefore, the market has not been fully promoted, and the market demand can only rely on imports. Up to the beginning of this century, with the continuous improvement of R&D capacity and production technology of quartz stone manufacturers in China, the output of quartz stone in China has been in the forefront of the world so far (production equipment manufacturing and plate production R&D technology are all state-owned).
But at present, it is still difficult for many people to choose quartzite. In fact, the reason is simple, that is, they don't know enough about quartzite. Now let's look at the main properties of quartzite.
Wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-permeability: quartzite is produced under vacuum conditions by high pressure and high vibration. The density of the sheet is 2.3-2.6g/m_and the hardness is higher than that of the model hardness. The hardness of the sheet is higher than that of the model hardness, and the highest is up to 7 Mohs hardness. Water absorption rate is 0.05% (industry standard), general plate can reach 0.02%.
High temperature resistance, environmental protection: quartz stone plate has outstanding high temperature resistance, generally can withstand 300 degrees of high temperature, that is to say, there is no problem to withstand boiling water. The main filler of the sheet is quartz sand (SiO 2 (> 99.5-99.9%) and FeO 3 (< 0.001%) which is silicon dioxide (melting point 1750 degrees). Because it does not contain heavy metal impurities and has to be selected before production and use, there is no radiation source. The plate is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless. It is an environmentally friendly material.

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