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The wooden bench fire resistant board is brightly colored and easily eroded. Advantages: Bright color, wear resistance, shaving resistance, high temperature performance is better, give people a new feeling, and the height of the counter is consistent, supplemented by embedded gas stove, increased the aesthetic feeling. The price is also accepted by ordinary consumers, generally 200 yuan to 500 yuan per metre. Disadvantages: the table is easy to be eroded by water and moisture, improper use, will lead to degumming, deformation, substrate expansion and other consequences. Another disadvantage is that the exposed section of the cut-off site, with refractory veneer, PVC veneer, metal strip edge to cover the section of the wood substrate.

The composite board is soft and smooth. Advantages: simple treatment, strong wear resistance, than melamine board to deal with the surrounding more rounded, and there are a variety of colors and textures, feel more soft. Disadvantages: Wood products covered with pattern paper and wear-resistant layer made of high pressure, fear of knife scratches, belong to industrial products, compared with no noble feeling.
Artificial stone mesa common artificial stone table has high resistance to dirt and abrasion. Advantages: Artificial stone is more wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high temperature resistance, impact, compression, bending, anti-permeability and other functions are also strong. Because the surface is not porous, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into them, so the anti-fouling force is strong; can be any length of seamless bonding, with the material of the adhesive will be two pieces of bonding after grinding, one. It is easy to handle and can be polished after being dirty. Disadvantages: the price difference is large. Because of its different processing technology, the quality is also divided into three, six, nine, etc., ordinary consumers are not easy to identify the advantages and disadvantages.
Quartz stone table is super hard and has long environmental protection life. Advantages: The quartz stone table is made of super-hard environmental protection composite quartz material, which can not leave any trace when directly scratched with a knife. It has excellent properties of super wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity. Since there are almost no pores on the quartz table, there is no need to worry about oil infiltration, just wipe it with clean water everyday. The service life is as long as dozens of years, and the maintenance period can be extended to 2-3 years. Disadvantages: the joint is more obvious than the ordinary artificial stone, and the price of quartz stone is relatively high.
Natural stone countertops are resistant to abrasion, but easy to crack. Advantages: natural stone texture is very beautiful, hard, anti-shaving performance is very prominent, good wear resistance; low cost, different colors, the most commonly used price is only a few hundred yuan a meter, belongs to an economical and affordable mesa material. Disadvantages: two pieces of splicing can not be integrated, the gap is easy to breed bacteria; natural stone density is large, need strong cabinet support, although it is hard enough, but inelastic, if hit will occur cracks, it is difficult to repair, some invisible natural cracks, temperature changes will also occur cracks. The length of natural stone can not be too long, can not be made into a lengthy whole mesa, and the modern trend of pursuing the whole mesa is not suitable.

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