Whether quartz stone both sides of splicing white is normal or not.

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with people's awareness of environmental protection is growing in home decoration, environmental protection materials have become the main force of decorative building materials, quartz plate as consistent with national green interior decoration stone also to the rapidly develop.Quartz stones have rich colors, and natural marble can be comparable to each other, hardness is up to the Mohs 7.Quartz stone surface is smooth without cracks and pores, more effective to prevent the penetration and burst, it belongs to the new artificial stone solid surface. Compared with ordinary artificial stonequartz stone is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high temperature, etc., can be done after the seamless splicing, finished products can be seamless.

For quartz stone seamless stitching, a lot of processing person and quartz stone manufacturers should be said to have put a lot of experience. Many users install quartz stone products, it will be black after a period of time due to the gap is too large, not only affects the aesthetics of the product but also is a big problem for the cleaning of late, the most important is also conducive to the growth of bacteria.So people who have experience in the decoration will be required seamless stitching before the purchase, although the purchase of the product is indeed done after the installation of a seamless stitching, but often used for about six months mosaic seam gradually obvious and both sides will lose gloss whitening,The color is deeper, the more obvious.What is the reason for this?

Quartz stone both sides of splicing become white because they use hand-held polishing machine around the joints in processing to lose the original luster. Quartz stone surface is after a three dozen high-speed water mill polished, it is less than handheld tools.Why not see just after the installation of it?How to check whether polished or not? In fact, i’s easy to distinguish, you can use dry wipes wipe the stitching on both sides when you check, whether there is any change away from the board 50cm after wiping, if the luster is lost, you can reject to accept and ask to replace the new one. Can’t it polish in processing?This is not necessarily, polishing must be used when grinding,from 50 heads to 3000 mesh, so polished out will not lose the original luster.

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