Quartz stone manufacturers face lots of pressures, whether they will increase th

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Quartz stone is one of the common materials of kitchen decoration, in addition to artificial stone, acrylic solid surface, stainless steel, natural stone, but the use of the highest is quartz stone, quartz stone has become synonymous with countertop materials. Quartz stone due to its rich colors, smooth surface, fine non-porous, high hardness, has been more applied to the ground laying, wall decoration and modeling production. Application areas from the previous table into the high-end hotels, villas decorated. With this year's environmental "storm" continues to strengthen, quartz stone manufacturers are facing lots of pressures.

At present, strict environmental protection has become an important national policy, the decision-making level repeatedly to control environmental pollution, the most stringent new environmental law in history has been implemented, environmental protection departments put forward the specific targets for controlling environmental pollution. In order to achieve environmental protection, to solve the people's livelihood, the relevant departments have three batches of central environmental protection inspectors, accountability million people. In the face of environmental storms, many quartz stone enterprises have to stop production or rectification, the environmental protection who is not up to the standard is shut down, can be described as "heavy attack" ah!

Quartz stone industry upstream enterprises were shut down, is not a good news to the quartz stone production enterprises, marking the interruption of procurement of raw materials. Environmental protection have a greater impact to the quartz stone manufacturers, who not  obtain environmental protection license will be shut down, for the dust, odor treatment are not up to the standard will cut off the rectification, the current production of quartz stone manufacturers less than 50%. In the face of the plight of raw materials procurement and production prices continue to increase, many people worry about the price of quartz stone will rise in a short period of time, but we have not received the notice of quartz stone manufacturers shall raise the price.

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