Whether the quartz countertop will break during the installing, how to avoid?

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The quartz stone price is higher than other stone price in home decoration stone, because the quartz stone is popular in cabinet countertop with high hardness, resistant to corrosion, high temperature.


There is a certain process from quartz factory to cabinet countertop, including transporting, measuring, processing, installing. Installing is the last link, it is not a small problem, after all, if it is not correct installing, it will influnce the use , even it will break.

The correct way of installing can reduce or acvoid countertop to break. First of all, inspectiong whether cabinet and floor cabinet are on the same level. Second, there is 3-5cm distance between countertop and wall for avoiding heat makes something expand and cold makes it contract. Last, for the “L” or longer countertop, use strong glass cement.

Most cabinet countertops are sticked by both stones, so the time of stick, quantity of glue and polishing deep influnce the countertop beauty and perfect. I believe that we select high quality brand quartz stone and master correct install steps, we will avoid some trouble.

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