Joint of quartz stone countertop obviously, is it normal?

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Quartz stone is no stranger for friends who experienced decoration, it belongs to the green decorative stone, by the decoration designer's favorite. Because quartz stone has the plasticity of ordinary artificial stone and has a rich color and hardness of natural stone, it has a wear-resistant scratch, anti-penetration,smooth and dense non-porous, with a wide range of applications, it can be applied to home improvement countertop, wall and floor.

Quartz stone is also called artificial stone, because quartz crystal of filler content  up to 93% or more, usually it be called quartz stone by manufacturers or synthetic stone, quartz stone prices are higher than any other decorative stone. It made by industrial production, has advantages in environmental protection, quartz stone form is slab, specifications are: 2440x750x15mm and 3200x1600x15 / 20 / 30mm. Quartz stone products need to be re-processed in order to use for our home.

Quartz stone hardness can be up to Mohs hardness of 7, only lower than diamond, processing method is different from other artificial stone, similar to natural granite. So processing is difficult, seamless joint is a test of the processing staff, this is the reason why joint is clear and black after quartz stone countertops in the use of a period. Is this joint normal? The joint was black easy to breed bacteria, it is a certain threat to health, so joint is unreasonable. At present, the strength of the processing plant can be done seamlessly, consumer have to pay attention to the surface before purchasing. Price and value are coexisting, since choice to buy quartz stone, you should not give up the value of the price.

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