What is the highest temperature the quartz stone can bear?

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In various decoration stone, the quartz stone is the primary position with its advantages. The quartz stone is rated as green environmental decoration stone, it is scratch resistance, temperature resistance, anti-osmosis, non-toxic, radiationless, F-zero. It belongs to artificial stone, not natural stone. At present, it is widely used in countertops, floor, wall and mould of home decoration. But it will burst in using, especial burst after touching the high temperature. What is the highest temperature the quartz can bear on earth?

The quartz stone is composed of 93% debra baxter,  7% resin and others microelement .the  stone is named quartz stone by factory because of 93% quartz, it is independent from artificial stone, because quartz stone has higher requirements on material and equipements, the production cost is high, so the quartz stone price is higher than other artificial stone’s, it is a defect for the quartz stone. The quartz hardness is 7 Mohs, it is hard to repaire when the quartz crack, it only change.

Quartz is the model material on fire resistance, melting piont is 1300 degree, it is not burn with high temperature. But the quartz solid surface can’t bear this temperature, because quartz solid surface is man made. It belongs to hard brittle material, also heat makes something expand and cold makes it contract, when the solid surface can’t bear the innerstress, it will crack. So we should avoid to touch high temperature when use, and we should reserve expansion joints when installs the solid surface.

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