Quartz stone in decorative stone has become the best choice

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China's stone market demand for nearly 50 billion yuan per year, quartz stone in the artificial stone as a rising star, has an overwhelming trend compared with natural stone. Quartz stone come into China only a short period of time more than ten years, but the quartz stone manufacturers mushrooming, blossom everywhere. Excellent quality, powerful manufacturers have become well-known brands, quartz stone prices have also been accepted. While small manufacturers still hiding in the corner been imitating, to disrupt quartz stone market at low prices.

Quartz stone is synthesized from 93% quartz crystal and 7% unsaturated resin with other binders, it also known as synthetic stone. Quartz is a mineral resource with stable physical property and chemical properties, quartz chemical composition is SiO2, crystal is a triad of oxide minerals. Unsaturated polyester resin generally a linear polymer compound having an ester bond and an unsaturated double bond, obtained by polycondensation of an unsaturated dibasic acid diol or a saturated dibasic acid unsaturated diol. Through the vacuum high pressure, high vibration, heat curing and polished to be quartz stone slab.

The advantages of quartz stone, quartz stone not only inherited the natural stone aesthetic pattern, but also has better performance than natural stone, such as strong hardness, temperature resistance, and low water absorption, no bleeding, and 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic radiation-free,controllable thickness and size, richer colors and patterns, made quartz stone to be an absolute alternative to natural stone.

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