Do you know why does the quartz stone can crack?

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Quartz stone is made up 93% of the quartz crystal with resin and other trace elements to be a new type of artificial stone. It is through a special machine under a certain physical and chemical conditions pressing to be a slab. Most of the quartz stone manufacturers recommend to customers only talking about quartz stone with advantage of hardness, wear-resisting, not easy to scratch, etc., but avoid that quartz stone could crack. What the reasons caused quartz stone crack?Through information research,writer summary some of the following points.

First, quartz stone raw material factors, because the price of quartz stone is higher than other stone, some bad businessmen will make a fuss on the raw materials, such as unsaturated polyester resin performance cannot fully play the role, resulting in physical performance weakened. Filled particles with the ratio, shape, clarity, etc., are likely to cause the slab porosity is too high, resulting in the crack of quartz stone.

Second is the manufacturing factor:

1,Materials mixed uneven, part of aggregate outside the three-dimensional network structure is not formed;

2,Pressing is not solid, the gap between aggregate is too large, resulting in vacuum gap;

3, Accelerant is excessive or too little, resulting in resin curing in advance or three-dimensional network formation is incomplete;

4, Temperature control instability in manufacturing process;

There are transportation and installation factors, including the transport caused by a fixed impact and slab placement is uneven, there is improper installation caused slab crack. Buy quartz stone should pay attention to the brand, it is quality and after-sales service have guaranteed.

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