Why the quality difference of quartz stone is bigger and bigger?

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Quartz stone is a combination of natural beauty and high-tech products, it is the advantages of natural stone and artificial stone in one. But Relative to artificial stone, Quartz stone prices slightly higher, Quartz stone crystal is clear crystal, beautiful color, luxury, high hardness, toughness, water absorption at the end, no radioactive, resistant to acid and other characteristics. It is the first selection of cabinet and windowsill.with the quartz stone manufacturers continue to improve production capacity, quartz has been more applied to the ground and wall.

With the increasing demand for quartz stone in China, the quartz stone market is entering the rapid development track, so that some large quartz stone manufacturers to develop rapidly. However, it is precisely for this reason that the market turmoil of quartz, quartz huge price gap between high and low. Some small quartz stone manufacturers are still in the cottage imitation, low-cost occupation of the market, disrupting the original order of the quartz stone market, so that the gap between the quality of quartz stone growing.

The reasons of quality difference of quartz stone:

1.Production of raw materials to control, quartz stone is composed of quartz sand and unsaturated resin as the main raw material synthesis.With the constant improvement of the standard quartz, quartz sand and resin classification is also more refined, raw material prices also pull a certain distance, so the quality of the raw material has a certain impact on the quality of the sheet.

2.Production equipment, the quartz plate production equipment requires more stringent. The most important is the press, such as the simplest requirements of the press in the vacuum to reach more than -95, press pressure to reach more than 50 tons. Some small quartz stone manufactures use artificial stone production equipment, so that the quality of natural and brand quartz stone with a certain distance.

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