What details should pay attention to quartz stone countertops

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Quartz stone as a new artificial stone material with natural beauty and high technology, has become the first choice for the countertop material, and to be used in the ground, walls and furniture more and more. Although hardness, strength, temperature resistance and anti-soaking and other physical and chemical properties of quartz stone countertops are better than other materials, but does not mean that the material is not easy to damage, so we should pay attention to the following points.

1, Appearance of the countertop is usually not burned by high temperature, but to prevent direct exposure to high temperature or the countertop for a long time heating. Do not put directly hot household utensils on the countertop, it is recommended to use a better insulation of the pot pad to protect your table.

2, Do not use heavy objects impact or sharp appliances hit the table, especially in the stove, basin and other thin parts.

3, If the table with rubber, nail polish, paint and other difficult to remove the sticky material, can be used knife to scraping if necessary, scraping need to master the strength to prevent damage to the countertop.

4, Countertop touch non-neutral detergent and chemical dissolving agent should be promptly cleaned with clean water.

5, After the installation of the table, the user shall not open, reinstall and press pressure, to avoid causing the table cracking.

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