Quartz stone countertops processing points

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More and more friends choose quartz stone as cabinet countertops, why quartz stone become to the first choice material of the countertops? Because the quartz stone is made of 93% quartz crystal and 7% resin and other binder by artificial quartz equipment die-casting which is the new artificial stone products. It has been listed as green environment decorative stoneQuartz stone is wear-resistant, scratch, high temperature, anti-penetration, zero formaldehyde, no radiation and many other advantagesBut the price of quartz stone is too high, it is not easy to process

With China's quartz stone manufacturers of production technology and production capacity continuous improvementQuartz stone develops from the previous single color to the present two-color, multi-color and pattern, gives us a variety of choice, quartz stone price is easy to accept by peopleFor the quartz stone processing industry, there is no relevant standardseven some small processing plants are still using hand-held cutting machineQuartz stone processing is an important part, because it directly affects the overall table life.

Quartz stone countertops can be divided into opening materials, openings, splicing and grinding. What details should we pay more attention to: before processing, should be carefully compared with the drawings, avoid dry cut, should open with water saw, grain board should be  attention to collapse. When open furnace hole and basin hole, should avoid to open right angle,Should be used rounded hole to prevent cracking by heated or heavy hit later. Splicing glue should be used the manufacturer original plastic resin, the most important thing is to polishquartz stone will often lose the original luster in the processing of grindingthe deeper color, the more obviousso at the beginning, should polish with 500# water mill, then 1000#, 2000#, 3000#.

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